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Description of LEGO® Jurassic World™

Which dino do you want to be today?

You can choose from 20 different dinosaurs, from the lovable Triceratops to the mighty and kinda-frightening T-Rex. Populate and explore Isla Nubar and Isla Sorna and put your unique dinosaur creations into paddocks - that’s right, you can create original specimens! - as you complete Free Play missions.

The control set is adjustable, as one can use touch controls or floating/fixed virtual joystick to get the characters do what they are supposed to do. There are other actions buttons, which allow the character to jump, use a weapon/melee attack, and to act on objects.

You'll have access to stages based on the first movie, Jurassic Park, and the most recent one, Jurassic World. The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3 are locked until you knock out a few sub-goals. There's also a cool mode where you can mix and match dinosaur parts you find in the levels to create your own custom dino.

The main hub takes the form of a sort of Visitor's Center, and from there, each movie has its own tiny hub from which you launch the individual levels. Each movie gets five mini-stages.

LEGO Jurassic World contains a perfect balance between hilarious humor and fun gameplay. It also has great co-op, and revives many of the old favorite Jurassic characters and locations.

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TheSaphire Dragon avatar
Rizaldie Jose 3 days ago

Reply to TheSaphire Dragon

first thing first is to download the lucky patcher to download the lucky patcher you need to disabled the play protect the you can download the lucky patcher and then download this app the patch it its easy bro you just need to use brain not your mouth

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Eyad Elbadrey avatar
Alandplayz- blockcitywars 3 days ago

Reply to Eyad Elbadrey


Eyad Elbadrey avatar
Alandplayz- blockcitywars 3 days ago

Reply to Eyad Elbadrey

lucky patcher it

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Avin avatar
3 months ago

Reply to Avin

your the ass here because if you. hacked the game or use a mod that means you are a noob at the game and you do not know how to play it you ASSHOLE!!?

Avin avatar
Min Thant Maung 3 months ago

Reply to Avin

watch your language

Avin avatar
Fox PlaysYT - MC 3 months ago

Reply to Avin

lol noob I got everything no hacks, no mods, just by playing hacking shows you are that bad to resort to something else

Avin avatar
LILBOBBY 3 months ago

Reply to Avin

Avin you are a jack*** gloating b***h, no one cares about that or you either so why don't you just f**k off

Avin avatar
Dino boy uu 3 months ago

Reply to Avin

I didn't mod and I have completed the games and unlocked all dino and I paid it

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